Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Interior Syndrome(里证) and its manifestations

Interior Syndrome(里证):

It refers to interior pathological changes, with the zang-fu organs, qi and blood, and bone marrows involved.

Clinical Manifestations: An interior syndrome covers a wide ranges. All symptoms that are not typical in the exterior syndrome(and half exterior and half interior syndrome) are in the category of the interior syndrome. So it has a variety of manifestations. 

Syndrome Analysis: An interior syndrome may result from three causes. The first is transmission of exogenous pathogens into the interior if they are not eliminated in time. The second refers to "straight attack" of the interior by exogenous pathogenic factors. The third is emotional injury, improper diet and fatigue, which directly impair qi and blood of the zang-fu organs or cause functional disorder of qi an blood in them. The symptoms and mechanisms differ according to different reasons and manifestations.

The grey tongue coating always means interior syndrome

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